Donald Trump’s Enigmatic appearance In Hollywood Movies

Donald Trump’s Enigmatic appearance In Hollywood Movies

The election of Donald Trump as president has caused all kinds of reactions. From fury, surprise, indignation, and happiness at the opposite pole. No doubt that it has been a worldwide surprise that left everyone with their mouths open.

You probably know his recent history, which is a billionaire and has been a successful (and controversial?) Entrepreneur who has amassed much of his fortune in the real estate business. But what you probably do not know, or perhaps you have never really paid attention to, is from his appearances in several films and series known in the world of cinema. Most of them (but all) are cameos, term referring to the appearance of a person known in a movie or series for a few seconds or minutes and that does not influence the plot.

For example, did you know that he had appeared in Home Alone 2? Undoubtedly Donald, whether we like it or not, takes advantage to give all tastes in life. In the video below you can see all his cameos.

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