A Bizarre Situation That Happened to Old man Will Make You Laugh!

A Bizarre Situation That Happened to Old man Will Make You Laugh!


A man’s father is very, very old, and the son can’t afford very good treatment for him, so the old man is in a shabby, run-down nursing home.One day the son wins the lottery.The first thing he does is put his father in the best old age home money can buy.

His father is amazed at how beautifully run the place is.He can’t get over it.

On the first day, the old man is sitting watching TV,  and he starts to lean a little bit to one side.Right away a nurse runs over and gently straightens up the old man.A little later the man is eating dinner, and when he finishes, he begins to tip a little bit to the other side. Another nurse runs over and gently pushes him upright again.

The son calls his father that night and says, “The food is gourmet, they have widescreen TVs in every room, the service is unbelievable…”

The son says, “It sounds perfect!”

“It is,” says the old man, “but there’s just one problem.They won’t let you fart “


Q: Why don’t women blink during foreplay?

A: They don’t have time.


A young man going to college told me this true story about a friend of his from high school.The friend was going over to pick up his girlfriend at her parent’s house.He had never met the parents before and was hoping to make a good impression.So this young man of high school age rang the doorbell, and was met by the girl’s father.He introduced himself and was invited inside. The girl and her mother appeared, and the four of them were doing the routine of standing inside the doorway talking, just before the boy and girl were to go out on their date.

As they were standing there conversing, the boy glanced down and, much to his embarrassment, realized that his fly was down. Not knowing what to do, the boy blurted out, “Look out the window!” He didn’t even look out first himself, he just quickly said, “Look out the window!” They all turned their heads and the boy rapidly zipped his pants up. The girl and her parents turned back from the window and looked at him with sour looks of distaste on their faces.

Confused, the boy looked out the window. What he saw was tow dogs screwing in the front yard.


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